Universal Everything   The Transfiguration
La Gaîté Lyrique

The Transfiguration
An ever-changing organic costume

A hulking giant, set against blackness, walks confidently into the nothingness, his figure endlessly evolving between primitive and advanced materials.

The Transfiguration’s abstracted figure appears in a succession of virtual “costumes” that explore a variety of shapes, forms, textures and material qualities – one moment it’s a suit of flames, the next concrete, and then a coat of crystalline formations, before it’s finally a colourful furry monster.

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Creative Director: Matt Pyke
Sound Designer: Simon Pyke
CGI: Realise


‘Artists love to portray technology as the villain, as a force for evil that makes short work of our humanity… Matt Pyke isn’t one of them. The artist — who, it should be noted, works out of a log cabin in Sheffield, England — is an unabashed techno-optimist.’ – Suzanne LaBarre, Fast Company

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