Universal Everything   Portrait

A living portrait
San Francisco

Portrait for Depict from Universal Everything on Vimeo.

Digital brushstrokes rove around the canvas within the confines of a human form, causing occasional glimpses of a face to emerge.

Portrait draws on the processes of painting from dark to light that Universal Everything founder Matt Pyke learned while studying at art school, and takes inspiration from the rich, dark tones of Rembrandt. It’s a portrait for a digital canvas, brought to life.

Creative Director: Matt Pyke
Animator: Chris Perry
Producer: Greg Povey

Commissioned by Depict for Frame. Purchase Frame and Artwork .


‘Media design studio Universal Everything’s fascination with motion and evolving form can be seen in everything from its hypnotizing personification of avant-garde architecture to an animated logo for Google’s ebook imprint.’ – Meg Miller, Fast Company



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