Universal Everything   Pop x 1000%

Pop x 1000%
Global rebrand for MTV

Using their graphic design sensibility, Universal Everything worked with MTV International on a global rebrand of the company’s visual identity, introducing the strategy of Pop x 1000%. The studio redesigned MTV’s on-air messaging with a visual timeline, on-screen stickers and expressive fonts, and created audio-responsive video animations and a series of custom idents. It developed a refined but youthful look to enliven and update the brand’s image for the digital era.

The ident animations are humorous and playful 30-second spots, recalling MTV’s youth culture roots and pop-savvy audience. With bold colour and a mix of visual techniques and styles – ranging from live-action sequences incorporating sculptural props and actors to computer-generated glossy animations of impossible digital forms – the idents are kept feeling fresh and current.

Creative Direction: MTV World Design Studio Milan –  Roberto Bagatti
Art Direction: MTV World Design Studio Milan – Dylan Griffith
Creative Direction: Matt Pyke
Research & Development: Bob Sanderson
Sound Design: Simon Pyke
Idents co-directed by:
Lernert & Sander
Maxim Zhestkov


‘We are huge fans of Universal Everything. They apply a fresh direction to each new project that goes beyond momentary trends in graphic design and they approach a brief with a different kind of attitude and a wide range of references spread across multiple disciplines – everything from architecture and contemporary art, to molecular cuisine and biology… We knew that their interpretation of pop culture would fit with ours and visually, the rebrand would be spectacular without treading on clichés.’ – Roberto Bagatti, Vice President of Creative for MTV Networks International & Creative Director of MTV’s World Design Studio in Milan, to Creative Review

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