Universal Everything   Evolving Environments
Deutsche Bank

Evolving Environments
Generative video artworks for a media wall at the bank's Asia HQ
Hong Kong

Evolving Environments is a series of ever-evolving generative video artworks. The artworks change over time, presenting the viewer with something different on each encounter.

Commissioned by Deutsche Bank for a media facade at their headquarters in Hong Kong, the 8 large-scale, intricate, shape-shifting compositions are made with bespoke software and change in real-time, inviting passersby to discover new details every day.

Universal Everything drew visual and conceptual references from both the worlds of finance and Chinese culture. The animations depict atmospheric cityscapes, hand-drawn scenes, patterns and landscapes. They each present a poetic metaphor for the invisible forces behind economics, finance and commerce.

Concept & Creative Director: Matt Pyke
Design & Code: Field
Animation Director: Chris Perry
Sound Designers: Simon Pyke / Michael Fakesch
Producer: Mark Cumming / Eight52

Available for licensing, screenings and exhibitions
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