Universal Everything   Closer

A subtle story in a vast landscape
Peak District, UK

An exploration into minimalist filmmaking, Closer follows the journey of pixel-high, distant lifeforms within the sublime grandeur of the Peak District national park.

A subtle story in a vast landscape, Closer was first shown in Universal Everything’s solo exhibition Anthropologies.

In memory of Shaun Bloodworth, 1966-2016.

Creative Director: Matt Pyke
Sound Design: Simon Pyke

Music taken from the album Slow Glow by Simon Pyke


‘Some videos are best experienced at full screen, with headphones on. This is one of those videos… Are these specks of light enemies or friends? Are they falling in love, or is something more nefarious afoot? The ambiguity draws the viewer in, and carries her along. All in all, Closer doesn’t give you much, but it gives you enough.’ – Elizabeth Stinson, Wired

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Tags: Art  CGI  Moving Image  UK