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“Universal Everything proves how effective a flexible, collaboration-based agency model can be to deliver awe-inspiring projects on a global scale.”
Nick Carson, Creative Bloq – 5 small design studios with the clout of a huge agency

“The studio’s desire to uncover new forms and aesthetic ideas produces profound experiences; often blurring the line between the art world and the commercial world of brands… as digital artists, their output is ahead of the rest.”
High Snobiety – 10 Design Studios You Need to Know About, 2017

“Universal Everything turns a fashion show into a holographic installation that raises the bar for the term ‘atmosphere.’”
Francesca Capossela, Creators – MCM x Christopher Raeburn, 2016

“There’s something about the word “biggest” that always piques my interest. That said, ambition only gets you so far and you can’t sacrifice skill or style in a headlong rush for scale. With Universal Everything though, you needn’t worry.”
Rob Alderson, It’s Nice That – Sydney Opera House projections, 2015

“Universal Everything showed that big data can be beautiful.”
Mark Sinclair, Creative Review – Microsoft Infinity Room, 2014

“It can be difficult to describe digital artworks, because they often need to be seen to be understood. But Matt Pyke hopes that when people do see the newest, extraordinary installation by his design collective, Universal Everything, they will feel “the sensation of witnessing a new form of life, never felt before”. And the brilliant thing is, they probably will.”
Henrietta Thompson, Wallpaper – Universal Everything & You, 2013

“Artists love to portray technology as the villain, as a force for evil that makes short work of our humanity… Matt Pyke isn’t one of them. The artist — who, it should be noted, works out of a log cabin in Sheffield, England — is an unabashed techno-optimist.”
Suzanne Labarre, Fast Company – Super Computer Romantics, 2012

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