The Transfiguration

An ever-changing organic costume

La Gaite Lyrique


A hulking giant set against blackness walks confidently into the nothingness, his figure endlessly evolving between primitive and advanced materials. The abstracted figure dons a succession of virtual “costumes” that explore a variety of shapes, forms, textures and material qualities–one moment it’s a suit of flames, the next concrete, then a coat of crystalline formations, and finally a colorful furry monster.


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Creative Director : Matt Pyke
Sound Designer : Simon Pyke
CGI : Realise


2015 — Silencio, Paris
2014 — Neon Nomads, Group Show, Sydney
2014 – Universal Everything – Recent Works, Hospital Club Gallery, London

2012 – Carré Amelot Espace Culturel, La Rochelle, France
2012 – Art Rock, Cotes D’Armor, France
2012 – Air France, A380 inflight gallery
2011 – La Gaite Lyrique, Paris


Available to tour – contact us