A movement aware audio-visual installation


For the Milan Furniture Fair, Nike commissioned Universal Everything to create a 3D interactive installation exploring movement and the human form. Acting almost as an extension of Universal Everything’s previous investigations into dance, motion and the abstraction of human form, such as the Transfiguration or Tai Chi series, the FIT installation allows visitors to undergo this same process in real-time. Colorful threads swarm around a four-sided digital cube. Motion tracking technology translates the movements of visitors in the space into colorful silhouettes of intricately intertwined, flowing threads. Human presence activates the work and brings it to life.


Concept and Creative Direction: Matt Pyke
Art Direction: Dylan Griffith
3D Animation: Chris Perry
Software Development: Mike Tucker, Andreas Müller
Sound Design: Simon Pyke
Executive Producer: Keri Elmsly
Producer: Captain Blyth


2013 – Milan Furniture Fair
2013 – Nike HQ, Portland
2013 – Shanghai
2013 – 1948 Store, London