Pop x 1000%

Global Brand Identity


Utilizing their graphic design sensibility, Universal Everything worked with MTV International on a global rebrand of the company’s visual identity, introducing the new strategy of Pop x 1000%. Redesigning the brand’s on-air messaging with the use of a visual timeline, on-screen stickers and expressive fonts, as well as creating audio-responsive video animations and a series of custom idents, the studio developed a refined but youthful look to enliven and update the brand’s image for the digital era.


The ident animations are humorous and playful 30-second spots, recalling MTV’s youth culture roots and pop-savvy audience. A bold use of color and mix of visual techniques and styles — ranging from live-action sequences incorporating sculptural props and actors to computer-generated glossy animations of impossible digital forms — keeps the idents feeling fresh and current.


Creative Direction : MTV World Design Studio Milan – ┬áRoberto Bagatti
Art Direction : MTV World Design Studio Milan – Dylan Griffith
Creative Direction : Matt Pyke
Research & Development : Bob Sanderson
Sound Design : Simon Pyke
Idents co-directed by :
Lernert & Sander
Maxim Zhestkov


1 Gold, 3 Silvers, 3 Bronzes – Promax Broadcast Design Awards
D&AD Annual