A collaborative creation experience


In this interactive work, viewers are invited to participate in a collective art experience through a custom-built application that allows them to create and animate a unique flying creature. The “gliders” are abstract, geometric organisms that resemble butterflies, airplanes, or leaves. Though their overarching design and color scheme parameters are defined by Universal Everything to ensure an aesthetic cohesion among the “species,” viewers can determine the shape and color pattern of their own personalized gliders using a simple gesture-based application.


Once the design process is complete, viewers launch their gliders in flight, where the creatures seemingly come to life—flapping their wings, they become animated beings that intermingle with other gliders (creations from past visitors) and seem to display personalities of their own. The project continues Universal Everything’s onling line of inquiry into abstraction and anthropomorphism, imparting life to inanimate objects. It also investigates the tension between artistic control and collaborative art-making processes wherein the artist merely creates the framework and premise for the artistic experience.


Creative Director : Matt Pyke
Animator : Chris Perry
Developers : Mike Tucker, Andreas Müller, Tim Gfrerer
Sound Design : Simon Pyke
Executive Producer : Keri Elmsly


2014 – Universal Everything – Recent Works, Hospital Club Gallery, London
2013 – Gansevoort Plaza, NYC
2013 – Butler Field, Chicago
2013 – Kitte, Tokyo
2013 – Spitalfields, London
2013 – Place West Square, Beijing
2013 – Morumbi, Sao Paolo
2013 – Revolution Square, Moscow