Deutsche Bank

Evolving Environments

A series of generative video artworks for the Asia Headquarters

Hong Kong

Each work in this series is an ever-evolving generative art piece that changes over time and presents the viewer with something new each time it is encountered. Commissioned by Deutsche Bank for their headquarters in Hong Kong, Universal Everything drew visual and conceptual references from both the worlds of finance and Chinese culture to construct these large-scale, intricate, shape-shifting compositions.


The 8 video pieces are made with bespoke software and change in real time, inviting passersby to discover new details every day. The animations depict atmospheric cityscapes, hand-drawn scenes, patterns and landscapes and each present a poetic metaphor that offers a meditative consideration of the invisible forces behind economics, finance and commerce.


Concept & Creative Director: Matt Pyke
Design & Code: Field
Animation Director: Chris Perry
Sound Designers: Simon Pyke / Michael Fakesch
Producer : Mark Cumming / Eight52


2012 Art Basel, Hong Kong
2011 Hong Kong, ICC building