Advanced Beauty

A series of audio-reactive films exploring synesthesia

This collection of sound sculptures and drawings was commissioned by Universal Everything from an international group of visual artists and collaborators. The films strive to identify a new kind of aesthetic grammar for music visualization enabled by technological tools like 3D modeling software and generative design programs.


Working within a set of uniform conceptual constraints devised by Universal Everything to impart an aesthetic coherence to the films, the participating artists were free to explore a range of different styles and interpretations of the creative brief. Inspired by the work of Wassiliy Kandinsky, the films explore the visceral synthesis of music and visuals through playful experimentation into form, motion, and movement.


2010 – Yota Space, St Petersburg, Russia
2010 – Roja Art Space, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2008 – Cannes Lions, Cannes, France
2009 – Designing Seeds, SIAD gallery, Sheffield